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Venushocker, 2018
Keramik glasiert, Hocker
70 x 35 x 35 cm
< >   ohne Titel, 2018
Papier, Draht, Farbe, Keramik glasiert
80 x 45 x 50 cm
(unten: Details)
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GENERATOR – a collaborative project between the artists
Hildegard Skowasch, Désirée Burenstrand, Dan Schyman

The artists use the gallery space together as a workplace, studio, the time that is given to us, before screening, where both the gallery space as such, and the surroundings outside the building, will be included in a unique site specific installation.

Désirée and Hildegard are visual artists and Dan is a sound artist. In Generator we work together with free improvisation. What can the three of us generate under these specific circumstances? Instead of bringing already finished work to the gallery or the workspace, for a traditional group exhibition, we only bring our different skills and artistic expressions in an empty space and start from there.

In the end we will present our work that will be based on audio pieces, meetings, drawings, printings, and other varied techniques and materials. The possibilities for what may happen, need to be wide open, and is part of the process.
To give ourselves more material to use in the improvisational process, we have experience in place a cart outside the working space, where, for examples, the locals have the opportunity to leave stuff they want to get rid of. Materials we in various ways would be able to use and work with in the process. It has in previous examples been stuff like worn out clothes, computers, board games, different types of wires, photos, fairytales, toys, and so on.
Submitted stuff that would be dealt with in the process; with possible new formations and functions, for contribution to the construction of the end presentation.

Below photos from the Generator exhibition at Molekyl Gallery, Malmö, Sweden, 2018:

Video from the exhibition:

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