artist statement: For example

My works come about in an open-end work process.

They are improvisations. I combine elements which normally do not belong together and rework them until they become a compatible whole.
They develop intuitively and are drawn from personal experience. Errors and accidents are an inherent part of the work process and open up other avenues of exploration. Everything is in motion, nothing is fixed. Each work represents a single illustration and can lead to other examples.
Paper is the primary material but other materials can be used in combination.

Amorphous bodies form the basis for shaping three-dimensional forms. By adding small details they undergo a metamorphosis which can be poetic, magical, witty or even disturbing, producing unexpected insights.

My works comprise both figurative and abstract pieces which act reciprocally and are co-determining. The figures can be viewed as characters in an imaginary play. Together with abstract elements and drawings, they act as an ensemble on stage creating their own scenes and tableaus. This interaction becomes improvisation itself.

Hildegard Skowasch


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